Solar Water Pump Systems


  • High Energy Efficiency

    One of industry’s most advanced solar water pump system with very high energy efficiency for long life.

  • Weather Proof

    These systems are extremely robust and can withstand heavy weather conditions.

  • Remote Management

    One of the only solar water pump system which you can monitor from anywhere around the world using SwajalCMS. (Additional Option)

  • High quality panels

    Our solar panels are some of industry’s best quality panels which complement our technology with its robustness and long life.


Drinking and Water Requirements

Swajal Solar Water Pumps are ideal for drinking applications. With innovative models like remote monitoring, payments and vending for easy dispensing – this truly is one of the most advanced solar water pump system worldwide.


Irrigation and Agriculture

Get the advantage of one of the most energy efficient solar water pump. The solar water pump price is also extremely low and competitive – making it one of the best system money can buy.


Fountains and Water Bodies

Submersible solar water pump to be used in water bodies like lakes, ponds and fountains. Swajal solar water pumps are weather tough and will last much longer compared to any traditional solar water pump.


Swimming Pools and More

Get the reliability and power of the most innovative and engineered to perfection water pumping technology from Swajal. The solar water pump can be customized for use with swimming pool and other large water body applications.

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Why Swajal?

Swajal is an award winning firm with an aim of bringing the best technology for water in India to make water accessible for all. Swajal is supported by organizations like UNDP, REEEP, Saurya and Goldman Sachs.

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