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Control Panel for Water ATM

For us one of the most important part of a Water ATM is the driver, the brain behind it. Which is why we have learned from our experience to create our own brain behind the Water ATM. Each Water ATM typically has three control panels, dispensing, water treatment and logger. All three of the control panels then connect to our central system that connects to IoT platform and communicates over the cloud.

Imagine, you need to change the amount to be charged for 1 liter of water? With Swajal WaterATM, you can change each machine remotely.

Security is an important aspect to each Water ATM. We have devised multiple layers and 2 step authentication with OTP to ensure that any change is authenticated. Also, each modification in control panel is documented in an audit log on server.

Where are our Water ATM installed?

Swajal Water ATM have a wide range of applications. From disaster relief mobile water unit to industrial applications for hospitals and schools. Each of our water franchise partner also uses a Swajal Water ATM. We have systems installed in Railway Stations, Metro Stations, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Apartments, Cities (Municipalities), Franchise, Slums, Villages and more. The versatility of our Water ATM enables multiple applications.