Its not just about clean and healthy water. We provide convenience at your finger tips.

For 10+ bottles per delivery
Ideal for small business
Everyday + Dispenser
Weekend Delivery
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₹ Custom
For 50+ bottles per delivery
Ideal for medium to large companies
Choice + Cold Water Dispenser
Priority Delivery
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Advanced Management System


Manage Online. Get SMS and Email Alerts.

Easy invoicing and secure credit card payments. See all your invoices and deliveries easily with your personal dashboard. For each delivery you will get SMS as well as email alerts. Easy to keep track and manage your subscription.


Automatic Quantity Update. Signature Delivery.

Somedays you might need more bottles and some days you might need less, our delivery app automatically adjusts the number of bottles you take and updates your invoice! Our delivery team will take your digital signature on our proprietary delivery app.