Water that is better for you, better for the environment

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Balancing health and sustainability.

Better for you and for the environment.

Sustainablity is no longer about a future possibility, its already taking place around us.

1 in 2

millennials and Gen Z are more attracted to making a positive impact in society and communities than starting a family and having kids

-Deloitte 2019 Millenials Survey


millennials said they prefer to work in a company with a strong sustainability agenda

-Fast Company Survey

Plastic water is not just bad for the environment, it's terrible for your health.


of bottled water sampled had micro plastic contaminations.

-State University of New York study

On average we consume about 5g or 1 plastic credit card worth of plastic every week.


Future of water

WaterCube uses most bleeding edge tecnologies to advance drinking water to future.

Innovation and technology first

You’re in good company

From FORTUNE500 companies to entrepreneurs, WaterCube is trusted by 900+ organizations across the globe.

Take charge of your water, bring it to the future.

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