Drinking water that is equitable.

Social Impact

We are a water tech social impact venture that is working to make drinking water available and affordable for all.

Technology and Innovation to bridge the gaps

There is a massive water challenge. This challenge is increasing day by day. At Swajal, we are trying to use new and frontier technologies to meet this challenge. Swajal was conceptualized by a team of IIT Kanpur professors and scientists with the goal of making this bridge.

Water ATM ®

Distributed point of use water purification and dispensing systems. We install these point of use systems in schools, villages, slums, railway stations and more.

Water ATM

Water Bottles

20L water cans or jars that are hygienic and reliable with easy subscription model.

Water 20L Cans

Our impact

We impact over a million people on a daily basis. From railway stations to urban slums.

Social Impact CSR

CSR project to install solar powered Water ATM at a village.

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For Railway Stations

Water ATM in partnership with IRCTC for train stations across India.

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For Urban Areas

Smart city and municipal scale projects.

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Although we believe drinking water is a fundamental right and must be free. To bring economical viability and self sustainability, water has to be at an affordable cost. 


Women in India and other countries spend hours to travel and get water for their loved ones. A distributed system helps in bringing access to all.


Reliability and safety of drinking water is most important parameter. We use technology like prediction engine to ensure water is always reliable.

Let’s work together

Drinking water is a massive challenge. With your support, we take one step closer; together.

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